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2015 Ph.D Universiti Sains Malaysia (Plant Pathology)
2010 M.Sc Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Wood Science)
2006 B.Sc Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Plant Resource Science and Management)


Nurul Faziha Ibrahim graduated with BSc. at Faculty of Resource Science and Technology, UNIMAS in Plant Resource Science and Management. She completed her Master’s Degree in Wood Science at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS). In 2015, she received her Ph.D. from School of Biological Sciences at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in Plant Pathology. During Ph.D., she studied characterization of Fusarium species associated with pineapple fusariosis in Peninsular Malaysia. Previously, she worked as research assistant at Faculty of Resource Science and Technology and Faculty Engineering at UNIMAS. In 2010, she joined Universiti Malaysia Terengganu as a tutor.

  Research Interests

• Fungal Plant pathology
• Agrobiology
• Plant Disease Management
• Molecular Plant Pathology
• Disease Diagnosis
• Fungal Taxonomy, Diversity, Infection
• Mycotoxins

Selected Publications

Ngadin, A.A., Geri C., Shepley, M., Nurul Faziha, I. and Mohamed Sidique, S.N. (2018). Importance of Soil Microbes for Vulnerable Rafflesia tuan-mudae Becc. (Rafflesiaceae) in Gunung Gading National Park, Sarawak, Malaysia. 70(2): 157-160.

Lob, S., Afiffi, N., Razak, S.B.A., Ibrahim, N.F., Mohd Nawi, I.H. (2017).  Composition and identification of pollen collected by stingless bee (Heterotrigona itama) in forested and coastal area of Terengganu, Malaysia. Malaysian Applied Biology, 46(3), 227-232.

Lob, S., Aris, M.N.M., Sidique, S.N.M., Ibrahim, N.F., Jin, X.  View. (2017).Growth development and natural infection incidence of tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) on silicon-treated chilli (Capsicum annuum L.) cultivated in commercial soil. Malaysian Applied Biology, 46(3), 221-226

Iffah Hazirah, M.N., Suhaizan, L., Shamsul Bahri, A.R., Nurul Faziha, I., Wei, O.C. (2017). Differences in leaf pigments content and stomata distribution across eight hevea species. Malaysian Applied Biology, 46(3), 213-219

Nur Aida, H., Mohammad Zarith, Z., Siti Nor Shuhada, A., Khadijah, S., Basari, N., Shamsul Bahri, A.R., Nurul Faziha, I. (2017). Morphological identification of weevil and fungal pathogen associated with sweet potato tuber during storage. Malaysian Applied Biology, 46(3), 81-88

Nurul Faziha, I., Shamsul Bahri, A.R., Suhaizan, L., Iffah Hazirah, M.N., Ngadin, A.A. (2017). Protein profiling of Hevb1 and Hevb3 in Hevea species obtained from the 1995 germplasm collection. Malaysian Applied Biology, 46(3), 239-245.

Ibrahim, N. F., Mohd, M. H.,Nor, M., Izham, N. M., & Zakaria, L. (2017). Characterization of Fusarium spp. associated with pineapple fruit rot and leaf spot in Peninsular Malaysia. Journal of Phytopathology, 165(11-12), 718-726.

Masratul Hawa, M., Nurul Faziha, I., Nik Mohamad Izham, M. N., & Latiffah, Z. (2017). Fusarium fujikuroi associated with stem rot of red‐fleshed dragon fruit (Hylocereus polyrhizus) in Malaysia. Annals of Applied Biology, 170(3), 434-446.

Ibrahim, N. F., Mohd, M. H., Nor, N. M. I. M., & Zakaria, L. (2016). Pathogenicity of Fusarium semitectum and Fusarium chlamydosporum associated with pineapple fusariosis. Malaysian Journal Of Microbiology, 12(2), 164-170.

Ibrahim, N. F., Mohd, M. H., Nor, N. M. I. M., & Zakaria, L. (2016). Fusarium fujikuroi causing fusariosis of pineapple in peninsular Malaysia. Australasian Plant Disease Notes, 11(1), 1-6.

N.F. Ibrahim, M.H.Mohd, N.M.I.M.Nor and L. Zakaria. 2015. First report of Fusarium oxysporum and F. solani associated with pineapple rot in Peninsular Malaysia. Plant Disease.

M.S. Islam, S. Hamdan, M.R. Rahman, I. Jusoh and N.F. Ibrahim. 2010. Dynamic Young’s Modulus and Dimensional Stability of Batai Tropical Wood Impregnated with polyvinyl alcohol. Journal of Scientific Research. 2(2):227-236.

Sinin Hamdan, Mohd. Abdul Mun’aim Mohd Idrus, Md. Rezaur Rahman, Nurul Faziha Ibrahim and Md Saiful Islam. 2010. Wear of wood polymer for journal bearing materials. Indonesian Wood Research Journal. 1(1): 22-26