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SECOND ROW: Andrew (Lecturer/ Researcher), Aiman (MSc. student), Masri (Assist. Officer), Kent (MSc. student), Sharul (Research Assistant), Ng Lee Chuen (Lecturer/ Researcher), Nur Aida (Lecturer/ Researcher), Tu Anh (Former Academic Staff)
FIRST ROW: Aisha (Assist Officer), Ramya (PhD student), Mazira (MSc student), Wahidah (MSc. student), Adila (Research Assistant), Khursyaih (MSc. student), Nur Suzani (MSc. student), Sian Hui (PhD student)

This research laboratory is staffed by several full-time researchers with assisted by two laboratory support staff and graduate students enrolled in the University of Malaysia Terengganu.

Organisation of LAPDiM 2