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2004 Ph.D National University of Malaysia, Environmental Science (Weed Science)
2000 M.Sc  National University of Malaysia, Botany (Weed Science)
1998 B.Sc  National University of Malaysia, Conservation Biology  & Ecology (Botany)


Chuah Tse Seng received his Ph.D. from the School of Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences at National University of Malaysia in 2004. During his Ph.D research, he studied biology and control of glyphosate-resistant and susceptible biotypes of goosegrass. He joined University of Malaysia Terengganu in 2003 as a lecturer. In 2010, he took sabbatical leave to conduct research on exploitation of allelochemicals from weedy plants for sustainable weed management and in the same year, he was promoted as Associate Professor. In 2013, he was appointed as Deputy Dean of Research and Academic Talent at the School of Food Science and Technology.

Research Interests

• Herbicide resistance mechanism
• Weed biology and management
• Herbicidal properties of tropical plants

Selected Publications

Chuah, T.S., Low V.L., Cha, T.S. and Ismail, B.S. 2010. Initial report of glufosinate and paraquat multiple resistance evolved in a biotype of goosegrass (Eleusineindica(L) Gaertn.) in Malaysia. Weed Biology and Management 10(4): 229-233.

Ismail, B. S., Juliana, K., and Chuah, T.S. 2011. Resistance mechanism of Leptochloachinensis Nees to propanil. Weed Biology and Management 11(2):57-63.

Chuah, T.S., Tiun, S.M. and Ismail, B.S. 2011. Allelopathic potential of crops on germination and growth of goosegrass (Eleusineindica L. Gaertn) weed. Allelopathy Journal 27(1): 33-42.

Dilipkumar, M., Adzemi, M.A and Chuah, T.S. 2012. Effects of soil types on phytotoxic activity of pretilachlor in combination with sunflower leaf extracts on barnyardgrass (Echinochloa crus-galli). Weed Science 60: 126-132.

Chuah, T.S.,Tan, P.K. and Ismail, B.S. 2013. Effects of adjuvants and soil microbes on the phytotoxic activity of coumarin in combination with p-vanilin on goosegrass (Eleusineindica L.) seedling emergence and growth. South African Journal of Botany 84: 128-133.

Dilipkumar, M. and Chuah,T.S. 2013. Is combination ratio an important factor to determine synegistic activity of allelopathic crop extract and herbicide? International Journal of Agriculture and Biology 15: 259-265.

Cha, T.S., Anne-Marie. K. and Chuah, T.S. 2014. Identification and characterization of RAPD–SCAR markers linked to glyphosate-susceptible and -resistant biotypes of Eleusineindica (L.) Gaertn. Molecular Biology Reports 41(2):823-31.

Cha, T.S, Najihah, M, Ismail, B.S. and Chuah, T.S. 2014. Molecular basis for resistance to ACCase inhibiting fluazifop in Eleusineindica from Malaysia, Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology 111 : 7-1.

Chuah, T.S., Norhafizah, M.Z., Oh, H.Y. and Ismail, B.S. 2014. Phytotoxic effects of the extracts and compounds isolated from Pennisetumpurpureum (Napier grass) on Leptochloachinensis germination and growth. Weed Science 62 (3) 457-467.

Chuah, T.S., Oh, H.Y., Habsah, M, Norhafizah, M.Z. and Ismail, B.S 2014. Potential of crude extract and isolated compounds from golden beard grass (ChrysopogonserrulatusTrin.) on control of sprangletop (Leptochloachinensis (L.) Nees in aerobic rice system. Crop and Pasture Science 65 (5) 461-469.

Song, B.K., Chuah. T.S,Tam, SM. andOlsen, K.M. 2014. Malaysian weedy rice shows its true stripes: wild Oryza and elite rice cultivars shape agricultural weed evolution in Southeast Asia. Molecular ecology 23(20):5003-5017.