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2015 PhD Lincoln University (LU), New Zealand,Plant Pathology (Fungal Disease)
2009 M.Sc Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Plant Pathology (Crop Protection)
2004 B.Sc Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Applied Biology (Environmental Biology)


Suhaizan Lob graduated with BSc. at School of Biological Science, USM in Applied Science majoring in Environmental Biology. She completed her Master’s Degree in Plant Pathologyalso from USM. In 2015, she has been awarded with her Ph.D in Plant Pathology majoring in fungal diseases from Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Lincoln University, New Zealand. During her Ph.D, she studied on the identification and epidemiology of Leptosphaeria diseases on oilseed rape and swede under New Zealand condition. The study is particularly designated to investigate the disease epidemiology on the causal agent of stem canker disease. In 2009, she joined Universiti Malaysia Terengganu as a tutor.

Research Interests

• Fungal Plant Pathology
• Agrobiology
• Plant Disease Management
• Disease Diagnostic
• Fungal Epidemiology

Selected Publications

1. Lob, S., Jaspers, M., Ridgway, H., Jones, E. (2013). Leptosphaeria maculans/L. biglobosadisease progression in oilseed rape and timing of ascospore release under New Zealand conditions. New Zealand Plant Protection, 66, 214-222.

2. Lob, S., Jaspers, M. V., Ridgway, H. J., & Jones, E. E. (2013). First report of Leptosphaeria biglobosaas a stem canker pathogen of brassicas in New Zealand. Plant Disease, 97(8), 1113.