A) Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS)
Duration Project Title Amount
2017-2020 Understanding the Effect of Rhizosphere Zone Cooling in Enhancing Plant Development and Fruit Quality of Highland Strawberry Grown at Lowland Conditions RM 95,650.00/ USD 24,495.01
2016-2018 Characterization of Potential Azo Dye Degrading Schizophyllum Species for Mycoremediation RM 62,000/ USD 15,877.58
2014-2017 The interaction of physical barrier and biochemical mechanisms in Si-mediated rice plant against Pyricularia oryzae RM 92,200/ USD 27,555.28
2014-2016 Pollination Effectiveness and Efficiency of the Stingless Bees, Heterotrigonaitama (Hymenoptera: Apidae) as Alternative Pollinator of Solanaceae and Cucurbitaceae Crops for Future Use in Agriculture RM 102,000/ USD 30,484.16
2014-2016 Proteomics and metabolomics methods for probing the mode of action of pesticide in rice plant towards the development of pesticide biosensor RM 152,000/ USD 45,427.37
2013-2016 Characterization of biochemical and cytosolic function of glutathione S-transferases (GSTs) of saprotrophic microfungi collected from aquaculture ecosystem for wastewater treatment RM 114,000/ USD 34,070.53
2013-2015 Characterization of herbicidal activities of plant allelochemical, 2, 4-di-tert-butylphenol, isolated from Pennisetum purpureum for natural and eco-friendly herbicide development RM 76,000/ USD 22,713.68
2013-2015 Eludidating mechanism action of plant allelochemical, 2,4-diterbutylphenol for natural and eco-friendly herbicide development RM 84,000/ USD 25,104.60
B) Exploratory Research Research Scheme (ERGS)
Duration Project Title Amount
2013-2015 Elucidating efficiency of Malaysia isolated lactic acid bacteria as biofertilizer against fungal infection in different cultivar of chillies in pre- and postharvest activities RM 80,000/ USD 23,909.14
C) GGP/ TPM/ MARDI/ Others
Duration Project Title Amount
2011-2013 Intracellular study of white rot-fungi in response to pollutant compounds RM 10,000/ USD 2,988.64
2012-2014 Screening of Silicate-Solubilizing Rhizobacteria with Plant Growth Promoting Properties and Antagonistic Activities Against Rhizoctonia solani RM 20,000/ USD 5,977.28
2013-2014 Potential of allelochemical, dibutyl phtalate as a natural soil-applied herbicide on control of Leptochloachinensis in aerobic rice system RM 5,000/ USD 1,494.32
2013-2014 An integrated weed management approach in coconut plantation RM 90,000/ USD 26,897.78