The successful graduate students to conduct their research project related to microbes from aquatic and terrestrial environments for the second time at our laboratory will be continued again for a new intake from April to July 2017.


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In 2015, our laboratory received five international students from France and worked in various research projects under six appointed supervisors and co-supervisors from different research background. These students had spent three month internship experience at the Universiti Malaysia Terengganu since March 30, 2015. While gaining professional work experience and completing relevant laboratory work, they were enjoyed campus life in last summer with other international students from across the country as well as local


 “I did my Master internship during three months at LAPDiM. The objective of my project was to study bioactive compounds during bio-demineralization of an azo dye by a marine fungus. A former French intern of the UMT gave me the desire to live this experience and a contact for this internship: I have not regretted my choice! Facilities on the campus were good: transport, food, sport, etc. The staff members of the UMT have welcomed us perfectly, and made us discover wonderful places in Malaysia! I lived a fantastic experience: an interesting project, very good supervisors, and I met great people during my internship. If I had the opportunity I’ll be very happy to return to LAPDiM in future!”

Anais, Master from UBS


Last year in 2016, six of our interns from Université de Bretagne-Sud and one from Université de La Rochelle were spent 3 month internship programme at LAPDiM and IMB since March 30, 2016 with seven different supervisors from different backgrounds of Microbiology, Weed Science, Mycology, Natural products and plant pathology.


From left: Celine, Kevin, Raissa Leo and Margot. A picture was taken from Kapas Island and where is Martin? He is a photographer 🙂

Get to know our past Interns from 2015 to 2016